Stupid Nature


Solo show of 50cm x 70cm two colour Krink ink drawings at Beach London August 2014.


I thought I heard a scientist use the term ‘stupid nature’ on the radio, although having looked into this I can’t find any reference to the term at all.”

With Stupid Nature, Rob Lowe (also know as Supermundane) continues his interest in pure line, optical effects and colour. Hard, controlled lines have given way to more immediate mark making. The medium – in this case an alcohol based ink called Krink – is allowed to take the lead, lines drip and wobble, ink builds up on coated paper to create a glossy physicality.

The movement and optimism of Lowe’s previous work is there but less acute. Lines drip or falter in a mildly melancholy way; colours battle against each other; large areas of colour sit apart from each other. All the drawings are on the same, standard, size paper (50 x 70cm) and all are portrait, giving some sense of organisation, however arbitrary.

These bold abstract drawings are open to interpretation and as such bring the viewer in as part of each piece. There are no clues to how to interpret them other than the title of the show:

I think of stupid nature as meaning instinct or the unlearned. It seems more and more that the need for proof is used as a way of undermining hard to define natural responses. These drawings feel very natural – I have an automatic emotional response to them which is difficult to explain. Stupid Nature just seem to perfectly fit as an overall title, it alters the context in which the pieces are viewed.



Rob_Lowe_Stupid_Nature1_hires stupid_nature35 stupid_nature28 stupid_nature21 stupid_nature19 stupid_nature14 stupid_nature7 stupid_nature5 stupid_nature3 stupid_install