Details Exhibition


Solo Exhibition at Kemistry Gallery London 2012


Text from the press release below:

With Details, Lowe has taken tiny parts of these drawings and magnified and simplified them, reducing them to only a few lines but still maintaining the feeling of depth and movement whilst being bolder, less organic, statement.

“These new works have developed from studying my own drawings in a subjective way. I was interested in what it is about them that gives the optical effect of depth. I realised that nothing in my drawings exists in isolation and it is the way the lines (or rather the things they are outlining) interconnect that gives the feeling of depth. Over the past couple of years I have been working on simplifying these drawings and using colour to increase the visual effect of movement and depth. The results are purely abstract and hard-edged but retain the optimism and movement of the original drawings.”

With Details, Lowe debuts a new direction bringing together various mediums from repeat prints and large scale paintings to a site specific, improvised, electrical tape mural.



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